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Know your diseased organs from your face map

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and its main role is to protect our internal organs from pathogenic microorganisms that proliferate in our environment. However, with exposure to various external aggressions and multiple changes taking place inside our organism, its deteriorating state and skin problems can appear. It is precisely these changes that allow the Chinese facial map to reveal if one of your organs is sick. Find out what your skin condition reveals about your health.

According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the different parts of our faces are linked to our internal organs. Thus, any skin problem that occurs in one of these areas would actually be caused by a disorder or disease affecting the corresponding organ.

To help you better understand your skin problems, find out which organs correspond to different parts of your face, and how you can treat them.

1) The forehead: the bladder and the small intestine

If you suffer from skin problems on the forehead, this is usually due to excessive consumption of industrial foods and fats, which results in poor digestion and slow intestinal transit. Other factors that may also contribute to their occurrence include stress and over-consumption of sugar and alcohol.

To eliminate them, reduce your alcohol consumption and try to improve the quality of your sleep. Hydrate regularly too, and consume more raw natural foods to replenish your body with fiber and nutrients.

2) Between the eyebrows: the liver

Due to excessive consumption of meat, industrial foods, or certain food allergies, the stomach is forced to work more than necessary, which makes it tired, slows digestion and causes toxins to accumulate in the blood

It is therefore advisable to adopt a healthier diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, and to practice regular physical activity that promotes the elimination of waste through sweating.

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