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13 Ways to know your baby’s gender

Knowing the gender of a baby is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Yes, yes, I remember well, I was impatient, curious and I have too much desire to know if it is a girl or a boy.

You want the same thing, don’t you?

Yes ? So here are 13 tips from grandmother on how to know the gender of your baby.

1) skin changes during pregnancy

Many pregnant women may notice a change or modification in their skin during pregnancy.

For those who wear a girl, your skin will change to oily or oily skin, but if you have a boy your skin will become drier.

2) The Nausea

Nausea? Yes, nausea could be a sign to know the gender of a baby (girl or boy).


If you have morning sickness, then it is a sign that you are pregnant with a little girl, otherwise if you do not have any nausea at all, it is a sign of a little boy.

3) Mom’s character during pregnancy

If your character becomes a cheerful character and you feel heavy on the right side then it is a boy. Otherwise if your character becomes a melancholic character and you feel heavy on the left side then she is a little girl.

4) Food cravings

During pregnancy, you prefer to eat salty foods. Pizza, cheese, hamburger? So, congratulations, it’s a boy.

On the other hand, if you prefer chocolates, juices, etc., please contact us. So, congratulations, she’s a little girl.

5) Hair change during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes or modifications, among these modifications are hair changes.

If your hair becomes soft and dull, then you have a daughter, but if your hair becomes more beautiful and shiny, then you have a boy.

6) By calculation

This method is simple, simply add your age at conception with the month of conception. If the result is even then you wear a boy or you have a girl.

7) Of his libido

During pregnancy, if your sexual desire increases, then you carry a daughter. On the other hand, if it decreases, you have a little boy.

8) The color of the nipples

If you notice that the nipples have not changed color, then you are wearing a girl. Otherwise, if the nipples have darkened considerably, he’s a little boy.

9) Asking a child

Many people believe in the natural intuition of a small child.

If you also believe in that, then just ask a little child under 3 years old if there is a boy or a little girl in your belly.

10) Hair removal

During pregnancy, do you shave more than before? So, congratulations, it’s a boy. Otherwise, she’s a little girl.

11) Weight gain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is obvious to gain weight. But some women gain all their weight in the stomach, while others gain weight throughout the body.

For the one who gains weight throughout the body, you have a daughter and for the others who gain all their weight in the stomach, it is a boy.

12) Foot temperature

If your foot becomes very cold during pregnancy, then it is a sign of a little boy. If not, if there is no change, then she is a little girl.

13) The shape of the belly

This trick is very popular and known. If your belly is rounded and low, then you are carrying a girl. If your belly is pointed and high then it’s a boy.

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