Why you should know your morphotype?

knowing your morphotype means being able to adapt your diet and physical maintenance in an optimal way
Indeed, each morphotype works very differently and does not have the same needs.
Identifying it is the first step towards a better physical condition than the one you currently have.
In this article I will enlighten you on the different morphotypes, I will help you to identify yours, and I will give you advice on proper nutrition and weight training

What is a morphotype?

You may have noticed that not everyone has the same figure, the same height, the same build, the same muscle mass.
Some have long limbs, others have shorter ones. Some have broad shoulders, others have thin shoulders.
Some are very thin, even thin and can’t gain weight, others are coated and have a hard time losing weight.

So how do we explain this?

It happens that at birth, mother nature (or genetics for intimates) assigns us a morphotype.
It is this morphotype that will guide most of our physical characteristics throughout our lives.
There are 3 of these morphotypes and they work very differently.
Have you ever heard a person a little too overweight tell you “it’s not my fault, it’s my build” or a person too skinny having been offended “it’s not my fault, I don’t gain weight”.

In both cases these individuals are right, it is their genetics, but where they are wrong, it is that they can do something about it!

Let’s get to the main part of the article, I’ll give you the keys to understand the 3 morphotypes!

What are these 3 morphotypes and what are their characteristics?

There are 3 types of morphotypes:

mesomorphic, endomorphic and ectomorphic

1) The Ectomorphic

The ectomorphic is a fat burner, it is difficult for it to gain weight.
The ectomorphic has long limbs, and is often larger. It has the thinnest skeleton of the 3 morphotypes. For these reasons, the ectomorphic is thin or even thin.
Its rapid metabolism is often associated with a nervous temperament.
The ectomorphic will often move towards a mass gain, because its main physical complex comes from its thinness.
Its morphotype is the least adapted to muscle growth and therefore makes the practice of weight training more difficult, but with an adapted weight and nutrition program, it is the one that will see concrete results the fastest.

Moreover, it is also the one who will have the most “sculpted” appearance once the muscle is taken.
Often ectomorphs tend to see their physical build as a defect, whereas it has many advantages that can be learned to exploit.

2) The Endomorphic

The endomorphic is a real fat accumulator, it is very (too) easy for him to gain weight.
The endomorphic has short limbs and tends to be smaller. Against all odds, her skeleton is also thin.
Its metabolism is characterized by slow and is associated with a rather calm temperament.
The sleepy person will often try to lose his excess kilos, his characteristic of fat accumulator quickly generating an overweight.
The sleeper is good for muscle building, he will develop raw strength faster than any other morphotype.
For example, most of the high-level bodybuilder are of the endomorphic type.

The sleepy person will have to be more careful with his nutrition program than others, the slightest deviation resulting in fat intake.
He will have to fight against this fat intake with an adapted physical training program whose goal will be to burn calories to make his powerful muscles appear.
If the sleepy person gives himself the means, he will become the strongest of the three morphotypes.

3) The Mesomorphic

The mesomorphic is probably the luckiest morphotype of the 3.
Indeed, unlike the others, this one has a wide skeleton and a naturally more muscular body.
It absorbs calories better than the ectomorphic, without assimilating fat like the sleepy one.
The temperament of a mesomorphic is associated with a tonic temperament and adapts to any challenge.
Its body is conducive to weight training, naturally endowed with a muscular physique, the mesomorphic generally has a V-shaped bust.
Weight training will give rapid results, and the mesomorphic will be able to juggle mass gain and dryness more easily than other morphotypes.
Like the other morphotypes, the mesomorphic will still have to follow an adapted weight and nutrition program in order to optimize his performance, however, deviations will be more allowed than for the other two.

You will have understood it, it is therefore important to identify its morphotype, in order to understand its body and to be able to obtain in the most effective way possible, its dream physique.
Knowing your morphotype means being able to adapt your diet and physical maintenance to it.

You may already have recognized yourself in one of these morphotypes, it is also possible that you are in between, the importance being to understand which one is the closest to your metabolism.


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Why you should know your morphotype? knowing your morphotype means being able to adapt your diet and physical...